Leadership Development Solutions

Leadership Consciousness


We love leaders! And we love this country and this continent. Everything we do is driven by this one
None of this matters if the leader is not conscious: No qualification, No experience, no skill will make
up for
the leader that is out of touch”
And this is what we bring to organizations we work with.

Who do we serve?

Our Focus is on Leaders

Our mission is to facilitate shifts towards a renewed leadership paradigm of conscious and accountable
leaders. Our primary focus is Black leaders who are challenged by life’s difficulties and in their leadership
positions.  As African coaches, we know how difficult it can be to embrace one’s personal leadership style
and to offer authentic and accountable solutions to the market place.
Our coaching model demonstrates
our unique value offering, acknowledging that historical marginalization often leads to internalized
marginalization and leadership blind spots that could lead to a scarcity mentality or render the leader
ineffective and inauthentic. 

However, if skillfully addressed, empowered and accountable leaders emerge.
We merge our solutions
to existing initiatives and where necessary co-ordinate change/transformation initiatives underpinned by
coaching and mentoring as a sustainability mechanism. Our coaches and consultants have extensive
experience working with organization and leadership development in various key organizations in the
country. Leaders who have worked with us have experienced the following outcomes:

Finding meaning, balance and living with self awareness;
Acknowledging and clearing internalized marginalization;
Encouraging values driven behavior and
Embracing inner power and demonstrate accountable leadership.
Becoming self-generating, self correcting and high performing individuals.

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